Expert Witness


As chartered quantity surveyors we have to know in detail how buildings are built. This allied with our extensive experience in residential and commercial property condition surveying makes us uniquely qualified as professionals to determine, in any property, what defects exist, why they are happening, what is most likely necessary to be done to rectify those defects and at what cost. We utilise this specialist knowledge in supporting employers when they claim or counter claim against builders or developers who have delivered defective or shoddy workmanship. We have delivered expert witness evidence in the High Court and have experience of the latest fashion for “hot tubbing” i.e. where the Judge addresses exert witnesses directly rather than through Council. We also have Residential First Tier Property Tribunal experience in Landlord and Tenant disputes. We regularly work with Solicitors and Barristers advising on what evidence to present on potential cases and preparing expert reports in support of that advice.



We have extensive experience of working for contractors, subcontracts and clients alike in the building process both in the UK and overseas. We have knowledge of a range of standard forms of construction contract and bespoke contracts written by lawyers. Our contracting experience spans simple residential extensions to multi million pound signature projects. We have prepared and defended claims and made extensive use of the alternative dispute process to avoid ending up in court or in arbitration.