Our pre and post contract experience includes:

Business processes and systems

Regardless of the form of contract you are working under, it is essential you adhere to certain processes to protect yourself should a dispute arise. This means having a disciplined approach to collecting and creating records on and off site. We can help you by offering advice on simple but effective solutions.

Claims preparation and defence

Disputes can arise with even the best managed projects. Whether you need to defend or make a claim, we can help you prepare all the necessary documentation and provide advice and guidance. Our expertise covers adjudication, arbitration and litigation. We’re also happy to work with or support any legal advisors you appoint.

Project management

When we take on the role of project management for our clients, we’re their eyes and ears. We facilitate good communication to ensure the project is delivered on time, within budget, safely, and to agreed quality standards. We’re happy to help with the whole process or just to advise on report writing and how to keep sound records, photographs and charts.

Construction management

Construction management is about managing the site resources needed to complete the project: labour, plant and materials. It also entails the detailed sequencing of daily and weekly operations to meet the delivery programme. With our wealth of resources we can help you to manage your site or create processes for your existing staff.


Planning is an essential skill. Knowing how long complex items of work will take, understanding lead times to ensure efficient use of site resources and adapting a plan around developing situations to ensure the project stays on track are all crucial to success. We’re happy to discuss how we can help you deliver good quality planning for your project.

Quantity surveying

The ground work by the quantity surveyor allows contracts to run smoothly on site, both from the employer and contractor perspective. Quantity surveying is key to the preparation of pre-contract estimates and budgets and post contract valuations, contractual correspondence, final accounts and records. We can provide the resources to do the work for you, or offer advice and support so that your existing functions operate as efficiently and effectively as possible

Contractual advice

Contracting is all about risk. More and more, we see construction clients and their advisors attempt to push risk down the supply chain by using heavily amended or bespoke forms of contract. We don’t believe this promotes healthy contractual relationships or facilitates more certainty in project delivery.

We see teamwork, integrity, trust and a fair balance of risk as the key to successful projects. Whether you are a client looking for the most effective procurement route, or a contractor or subcontractor trying to understand the documents in front of you, we can offer help, support and practical solutions.