Commercial Surveys

Condition surveys Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, whenever you enter into a commercial agreement for the lease of a property you must protect your long term interests. Particularly when a full repairing lease is to be entered into, you must establish the condition of the property and record it in the lease documentation. We can undertake detailed condition surveys, including fully cross-referenced digital photographic records, to ensure pre-existing conditions are properly documented. Maintenance scheduling Most full repairing leases will stipulate the minimum requirements for an acceptable maintenance regime. We can help you develop such a schedule and identify the key building elements that will require maintenance in order to mitigate the risks associated with terminal dilapidations. This can include advice on budgets and the procurement and management of contractors and suppliers. Structural survey Before buying a property it is vital you establish its structural integrity. Armed with this information you can make informed decisions on the market value and ensure your offer reflects the property’s condition. We have considerable experience in preparing such reports and will happily provide a service tailored to your needs. Valuations Whether you intend to purchase in lieu of renting or to provide a pension fund for yourself or your business, it is essential you have an independent opinion on both the market and rental value of any property you plan to acquire. We are happy to offer our independent expertise. Dilapidation reports We help both landlords and tenants through this difficult process, in order to mitigate the risks and costs of disagreement common in terminal negotiations. Alteration, renovation or fit-out With our wealth of experience – and contacts – in the construction sector, we can design, procure and manage your project. We are also happy to work with other construction professionals appointed by you. New build With our range of in-house skills and closely associated professional practices we offer a complete service from feasibility through to delivery. Copies of our client list and project portfolio are available upon request.